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 · PDF 檔案Russell Belk, York University What is commonly labeled the “sharing economy” or “collaborative consumption” has recently faced serious criticism for being about anything but what sharing is actually thought to be about. Numerous examples have been given in

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 · PDF 檔案definition of the sharing economy distinguishes it from other related peer-to-peer and collaborative forms of production. (Price (1975) as cited in Belk, 2009, p. 715 and Nicholson, 1998). Sharing is integral to the socialisation process that takes place from
19The sharing economy isn’t new.
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Sharing out (Ingold 1986) involves giving to others outside the Sharing within the Extended Family boundaries separating self and other, and is closer to gift According to studies in the United Intergenerational shar- volves regarding ownership as common, such that the others ing outside of the home and immediate family is quite com- are included within the aggregate extended self.
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We want to emphasize that our definition of the sharing economy differs slightly from those of other scholars (Belk, 2007(Belk, , 2010, as well as some other definitions of “sharing economy” (Lessig, 2008;Sacks, 2011) or “collaborative consumption” (Belk, 2014a
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Humanize your business. The role of personal reputation in the sharing economy

 · PDF 檔案4 2016). The present study embraces the “collaborative consumption” definition of sharing economy by Belk (2014), where people coordinate for “the acquisition and distribution of a resource for a fee or other compensation” (p. 1597). This conceptualization rules
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“Sharing whether with our parents, children, siblings, life partners, friends, coworkers or neighbors goes hand in hand with trust and bonding” (Belk, 2010) The definition of trust is a disputable topic.
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The sharing economy (SE) has become a prominent theme in a broad variety of research domains in the last decade. With conceptions from an increasing range of theoretical perspectives, SE literature is disperse and disconnected, with a great proliferation of definitions and related terms which hinder organized and harmonious research. This study carries out a systematic literature review from
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The Share Economy — Martin L. Weitzman
The Share Economy Conquering Stagflation Martin L. Weitzman Add to Cart Product Details PAPERBACK $24.00 • £19.95 • €21.50 ISBN 9780674805835 Publication Date: 01/01/1986 * …
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Marketing in the Sharing Economy
 · However, the sharing economy’s implications for marketing thought and practice remain unclear. This article defines the sharing economy as a technologically enabled socioeconomic system with five key characteristics (i.e., temporary access, transfer of
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On the sharing economy. 12-13. Nalebuff, B., & Brandenburger, A. (1996). Co-opetition: A Revolution Mindset That Combines Competition and Co-operation: The Game Theory Strategy That’s Changing the Game of Business.
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Uber, Airbnb and consequences of the sharing economy: Research roundup 2015 selection of research that helps define, understand and analyze the sharing economy, those who participate in it and its economic impact. The leading businesses that are advancing
U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey shows support for sharing economy | VentureBeat

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Various definitions of the sharing economy Reference Definition Context/Notes Belk, 2014 “…people coordinating the acquisition and distribution of a resource for a fee or other compensation.” Used the term “collaborative consumption” Botsman, 2015 “Systems that facilitate the sharing of underused assets or services, for free or for a fee, directly between individuals or
U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey shows support for sharing economy | VentureBeat

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Belk, R. 2014. You Are What You Can Access: Sharing and Collaborative Consumption Online. J Bus Res. 67 (8). 1595–1600. The Sharing Economy Lack a Shared Definition: Giving Meaning to the Terms. Fast Company. Retrieved April 06, 2016, from http
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Sharing Belk (2007) definition of sharing: “voluntary lending, pooling and allocation of resources, and authorized use of public property, but not contractual renting, leasing, or unauthorized use of property by theft or trespass” => the Sharing Economy is not true sharing (Belk 2014
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Sharing economy: comparing users’ and non users’ perceptions

 · PDF 檔案278 1. Introduction Although the practice of sharing is not a new phenomenon in consumer behavior studies, the advent of the internet era has allowed the explosion of the so-called collaborative consumption or sharing economy (Belk, 2014). Online