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至於背板端子更是簡單,也是CD播放器,極簡設計的黑灰色機箱維持Cambridge Audio一貫的設計風格,更具有數位前級功能,零件機.. 售出不退 Y6925588231 27分鐘前上線 粉絲 966 追蹤 關於我 1733 評價 23 全部商品與分類 ifi Audio iPower 5V 2.5A ACアダプター 目前出價 ¥ 3,700($999) Bluetooth5.0 送受信機 オーディオ 送信機 TX 受信機 RX レシーバー
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player - BLACK - Dedicated Audio
Cambridge Audio CD Player Fixed
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Cambridge Audio D-500SE CD Player
 · The Cambridge Audio D500SE CD Player is a great place to sit while our industry tries to settle on along term high-bit digital recording/playback solution. In the meantime you can lean back, chuckle and enjoy your music. The music is, after all is said and done,
Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V2 - CD Player in Black - Original Box and Remote Photo #1189100 - Canuck Audio Mart
CD2 cambridge Audio CD player
CD2 player Lampization Sept 08 This ia a player for the die hard lovers of British cottage industry. For the people who get excited about the Mini Morris, the original from 25 years ago I mean. If you don’t mind hand painted PCB tracks – this is just for you. Cambridge
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Cambridge Audio Reveals Its Beautiful Evo All-In-One …

 · Cambridge Audio is a classic British audio brand now celebrating its 53 rd year in the audio business. Today, Cambridge Audio has announced Evo: an all-in-one music player …
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Cambridge Audio Azur 351C review
Cambridge Audio 351C: Verdict As we’d expect the CD player and amplifier work well together, the common sonic signatures dovetailing well. Buy the pair and we think you’ll be pleased, but for us the CD player is the real star here.
Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10 CD Player
Evo 150 – All-in-One Player
 · With Evo 150, we’ve brought your audio past and present into the future. With outstanding Hypex NCore Class D amplification and our class-leading StreamMagic music streaming platform on board, all you need to do is add speakers to enjoy superb high-resolution audio …
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SOLD: FS: Cambridge Audio CD4SE CD player
For the Special Edition of this CD player, its DAC board was redesigned by Pink Triangle The valve output stage is based on an Audio Note kit. This has a 2 stage preamplifier built with the best quality components – ROE Gold capacitors, Allen Bradley Morganite resistors, etc …
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DESIGNED FOR CDs – Most manufacturers focus on adding functions unrelated to audio performance, instead of focusing on quality. The AXC35 is a versatile, gapless playback CD player that was designed to do one thing and do it very well. NO CORNERS
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Cambridge Audio Azur 340C CD-player review and test

Cambridge Audio Azur 340C CD-player A high-quality mechanism and a laser head (manufactured by Sony), supplemented by a servo drive and the self-engineered control circuit, are used in Azur 340C player.
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Cambridge Audio Evo brings designer style to streaming …

 · Cambridge Audio Evo 150 and Evo 75 sell for £2,249 and £1,799 respectively. Cambridge will offer the option of £649 Evo S speakers to complete the Evo System, along with a dedicated £799 Evo CD transport. Both are scheduled for release later in 2021.
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一元起標! cambridge audio azur 340c CD player
CD/SACD 一元起標,僅有電源鍵和五個CD控制所需的基本功能鍵,Cambridge Audio 840C Up-sampling CD Player Photo #1686234 - Canuck Audio Mart
數位系統的心臟-Cambridge 851C DAC CD播放器
Cambridge Audio最新設計的Azur 851C,在前方面板上,可說是數位音樂系統的心臟。 851C集合了Cambridge Audio先進技術而成,最高解析度可達24bit/384kHz。
Cambridge Audio Azur Upsampling CD Player | WhyBuyNew Cambridge Audio AXC35 Single-Disc CD …

The AXC35 is a versatile, gapless playback CD player featuring a high quality digital to analogue converter (DAC), to convert the digital information stored on a CD into an analogue sound signal. As well as regular audio CDs, the AXC35 will play MP3 and WMA files from home recorded CD-R, CD-RW and CD …
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Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD Player

Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player / DAC / Digital Pre-amplifier $1,500.00 Choose Options Cambridge Audio CXC (V2) CD Transport $599.00 Add To Cart Cambridge Audio Edge NQ Preamplifier With Network Player $5,000.00 Product Details $1,500.00
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